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Is More Than 20/20



Did you know...


  • 25% of all children have a vision problem significant enough to affect their performance in school


  • 85% of classroom learning comes through the visual system


  • Visual efficiency, coordination, or visual perceptual problems could be contributing to your child's frustration with reading and learning


  • Visual symptoms are common following head injury and in many cases can be improved with Vision Therapy


  • If you can’t see depth in a 3-D movie or get nauseous while watching one, you may have a visual disorder affecting other areas of your life that can be corrected with Vision Therapy.


  • Treatment could improve your daily visual comfort doing computer work and reading.                                                                   

The visual system is complex. Many skills contribute to the ability to see clearly without fatigue. Eye movements/tracking, eye teaming (ability of the eyes to work well together), ability to maintain accurate focus when looking up close, ability to change focus quickly, the ability of the eyes to work well together and visual perceptual skills, have all been found to impact learning, reading, sports performance and comfort while doing visual tasks such as working on the computer. The Vision Training Center evaluates these skills in a Binocular Vision and Visual Perceptual Evaluation. 

"When vision is working well-it guides and leads.  When it is not, it interferes." - Streff

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