"I can highly recommend Dr. Anna Griffith for vision therapy for kids.  My child has ... improved dramatically in convergence, focusing, depth perception, rapid naming, tracking and more.  The best thing about Dr Griffith is that she is consistently patient and kind with the child.  She knows how to move them through difficult exercises with gentle encouragement.  She never seems rushed or impatient.  I am thrilled with the results I've seen in my 9YO, who even says that the vision therapy "helps me see better." We are lucky to have Dr Griffith in Chico." - LC 




We could not be happier with the changes in my daughter's life.  She is 8 years old and in March could not read "The cat sat on the mat"  After 4.5 months she is now reading at her grade level.  She can catch and hit a ball now, she NEVER was able to do this before.  


She likes jigsaw puzzles, intricate coloring, dot to dots....all these things she could never do before.  My daughter says "My whole world is clear now.  Nothing is blurry anymore."  

"I was reading with Katie last night and I am incredibly encouraged by her progress since she started working with you."

- MS


"I know that Liam is doing awesome, but to see it on paper just proves it. I showed his Speech and language therapist his latest test results. She was just amazed and said "by doing VT Liam's whole education path has completely changed and will be positive instead of negative." I could not agree more with her." KB


"I have to share with you....Liam went on Toy Story two times this morning. He kept his 3D glasses on and actually could see. He scored 48,000 the first time and 55,000 the second time.

He has never kept his glasses on and has never scored more than  4,500. Mike and I had tears in our eyes. Thank you for all you do. See you Thursday." - KB


“My son would spend a lot of time looking at a word before reading it. Honestly, I thought he was being stubborn. But, watching him and receiving his reading scores, I started to believe there was more to it.”


My daughter had done vision therapy for tracking when she was younger, so I decided to have my son evaluated.  Matias did need vision therapy, but for a different condition.  He was not able to maintain focus of his eyes or keep both eyes pointing at the same place, making it incredibly difficult to read.

“After two months of therapy, his reading level jumped a grade and a half! Now when we pick up a book to read that used to be beyond his ability, he can breeze through it. What a joy it is to watch his excitement when he reads. This would have never happened without vision therapy.” - JN


Headaches started for our son Chase (12yo) on a daily basis.  His pediatrician had no explanation, and he was told by a Neurologist that he had migraines and recommended medication.  


...Dr. Griffith determined that he was having serious issues with his distance depth perception, and suggested Vision Therapy to correct this. ...

After a few months, with appointments and "homework," Chase was re-tested and passed with flying colors!!!  His baseball coach was even impressed with his fielding and his hitting! And, the headaches he was having on a daily basis, stopped! We hope to continue with Dr. Griffith in the future to better Chase's chances of pursuing the sport he loves...baseball!

- The Vargas Family


Dr. Griffith noticed Jackson couldn’t see 3D. This seemed to explain why he didn’t enjoy playing any type of catch games, and would never leave the 3D glasses on at the movie theater. 


Each week Jackson would get different eye exercises. They helped his eyes track better, trained the muscles controlling his eye movements and ultimately got his eyes to work together. It was a lot of hard work, but well worth it. Jackson is now enjoying playing games that include catching and kicking. He has found a new love of climbing and jumping off of things. When I asked him why he likes it so much he replied, “Cause I can see how far away the ground is now.”


My husband pointed out the importance of being able to cross the street safely and for driving someday.  I’m so thankful to Dr. Griffith for identifying Jackson’s vision issues and having the training and expertise to help him overcome them. 

- Jenny Morabito, a.k.a. Proud Mama

"Before vision therapy, my vision would get blurry and double when I tried to read. My eyes would hurt.  Now, I can read and I like it.  It has helped me with online school and my reading is up to grade level." - E.L.

"During vision therapy, my daughter's reading level jumped way up and she doesn't complain about reading anymore.  The most challenging thing was that some days were difficult to get her her to complete her exercises, but she did.  The best thing, was everything!  It was a great experience and I am so thankful for it!" - J.V.