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There is no doubt that sports are highly visual.  Vision during sports is dynamic.  Seeing 20/20 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to high performance vision.  When decisions and reactions need to be made in split seconds, having the advantage of seeing more and processing visual information quicker can make all the difference.


Many visual skills are critical to sports performance and can be enhanced with training.  Training these skills quickens reaction time, improves decision making, heightens accuracy, and improves performance under pressure.


If the "posture" of the eyes is slightly off, players can misjudge the position of objects.  For example, if a baseball hitter's eyes point slightly in front of objects, the player might swing early, because the ball appears closer than it really is.  An evaluation with a sports vision optometrist is critical for any athlete to make sure depth perception is maximized and the eyes are working well and accurately together. 


Evaluation - $150

Includes evaluation by a sports vision optometrist and Sensory Station evaluation that compares your visual skills to athletes across the country and is used as a baseline for your training. Dr. Griffith will use the evaluations to tailor your training to your needs and sport in either individual or group training sessions. 

Individual Training - 20 sessions $1595 

One-on-one training assures you get the most individualized training and attention for reaching your goals. Includes evaluation and two progress evaluations.

Group Training - 20 sessions $395 

Train with your team or other athletes.  Stations maximize your training time so you aren't standing around waiting. Included evaluations and two progress evaluations.

Strobe Training Session - $150

Learn the best drills to do with Strobe training glasses. These drills will be customized to your sport and position.  They are designed to maximize reaction time, decision making, anticipation, eye-hand speed and coordination, and eye-foot speed and coordination. Strobe training glasses sold separately.

Strobe Training Glasses - $339

Call to Order. 520-6484. May be available for same day pick up.


Eye-Hand Coordination and Speed

Eye-Foot Coordination and Speed

Improve the ability of your eyes to quickly and accurately direct the movements of your hands, feet, and body, increasing your reaction time.


Dynamic Visual Acuity

Maintain detailed, clear vision when an object is in motion.


Tracking of Objects in Motion

Maximize your ability to "keep your eye on the ball" and efficiently scan the field of play.


Peripheral Vision 

See more at once and improve your ability to see and react to things "out of the corner of your eye"


Improve your ability to see an object in motion and anticipate where it will go.


Dynamic Depth Perception

Be better than your peers at quickly judging the distance, location, and speed of a ball.


Eye Focusing

Enhance your ability to change focus from one object to another quickly and accurately.


Visual Processing Speed

Process what you are seeing more quickly.  Sensory overload techniques for the brain and body improve reflexes and help the athlete make better decisions.


Visual Span of Recognition

See more at once.  See more parts of the play unfolding. 


Sports Vision Training is an advanced science being used by amateur, college and professional athletes alike. See Sports Vision Magazine and click on one of the articles below to get started reading more about sports vision training.  

Seeing the benefit: MLB teams focus on enhancing players' visual training 

Eyeing ways to improve performance

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